Bar and festival installations

Designed, constructed and staffed with creativity, precision and flair.

Central Fusion are recognised as market leading in creating breath taking, unique and engaging environments in the most unlikely and challenging of locations.

Amazing spaces

In all weathers, our dedicated and experienced team deliver complete festival solutions that host lifelong memories.

Our bar environments are unique, stylish and current, taking your guests wherever you want them to go.

Woman and man smiling at a festival

Brand activation

We have worked with some the world’s biggest brands to create installations and environments that deliver strong messages. Our expertise and experience directly support your festival brand partners to create spaces that truly add value and drive revenue.


For that extra touch of class, our VIP spaces deliver relaxing, luxury environments for your most prestigious guests. Fully furnished with highly trained table service staff, we ensure that your VIPs develop a great working relationship with your event.

First class operations

More than just creators and innovators, we understand the importance of practical and high performing bar environments. Driving revenue, decreasing queue times and enhancing customer experience are at the centre of every bar design.

Bar staff passing a beer to a festival goer