Central Fusion:

Why choose us?

About us

We are highly experienced, brand driven and strive to combine our wealth of experience with fresh young talent to create amazing festival experiences. We ensure our staff offer true value to your event by investing in hiring and training reliable, enthusiastic and energetic staff.

Yes, we are innovative, create dynamic, engaging spaces and operate high performance bars and food stalls.

Yes, we are passionate about brand activation, seamless operation and driving festival culture.

Which is why we are UK market leaders in the events solutions industry.

Design it, build it, shake it, serve it

Special people, whatever their speciality

We have a portfolio of highly skilled individuals on hand to deliver quality services in their respective roles. For festivals and events of all shapes and sizes, we have a workforce to create seamless operations.

Happy people

We believe that happy staff are productive staff. Our seasonal team return year after year because they share our passion for creating memories. Which is why we can confidently say that our staff force will always reinforce your party spirit.

A group of festival goers laughing whist enjoying some food.