Festival memories that last a lifetime

Central Fusion are pioneers in providing festival bars and events solutions to inspire, engage and deliver. Working with some of the UK’s most established and successful entertainment businesses, we add true value by ensuring our events solutions create memorable customer experiences.

We use innovative, cutting edge brand activation techniques that continue to drive festival culture into the mainstream and beyond.

We love crowds, but hate queues. Your customers are our VIPs. And mud? No problem.

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Woman and man smiling at a festival

Bars on trend

Hashtag worthy festival solutions

Marquees and bars to stage beaming selfies. We create fun, relaxing, cool party environments for loungers, sundowners and up all-nighters.

Every construction is designed, delivered and built by us. You tell us the theme, we’ll create the magic. Take them anywhere you want them to go. High performance marquees, bars and tents to support and enhance any theme and vibe.

Evolving and moving with the fast-paced global culture, our food and bar packages, bar themes and festival brand activation are always on trend.

We relish the challenge of varied locations and requirements, which is why our team of designers, researchers and engineers are passionate about creating experiences your customers will want to share.

We love parties and hate queues, which is why we strive to deliver exciting, interactive and fully supported bars.

Research, design, evolve, repeat.

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Food and drink

For those that want to grab and go, or sit and stay awhile, our food and drink provisions are industry leading in efficiency, quality and diversity.

Hungry Party People

Fast or fine, finger food or silver spoon, we create dining experiences that fill a hole in one. We create theatrical food, beautiful food, fun food and memorable food.


From high volume festival beverage staples served with optimum efficiency, through to cocktails, champagne and craft beer, our bespoke bar packages can be shaken or stirred.
Because having fun is thirsty work.

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A group of festival goers laughing whist enjoying some food.

Impeccable service

Because real people make proper parties

We create vibes by injecting a touch of class. From a highly efficient staff force to multi dispense taps, we pride ourselves in providing a fast, slick and friendly service.

Central Fusion create bespoke packages of all sizes that never compromise on customer experience.

Here's how:

We only want to work with the best. Our happy workforce return year after year.

Bars are designed and equipped with multi dispense taps and cashless payment options, dramatically reducing transaction times. All our installations and solutions are fully supported and highly reliable.

VIP and backstage areas are provided with that additional exclusivity and touch of finesse in mind. You can be confident our bespoke VIP solutions will leave your extra special guests feeling satisfied and attended to.

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Group photo of the festival bar staff.